“I GOT Records…but you make them hits.”

I GOT Records opens the door with a fresh start. This Charlotte, N.C. based record company is putting a different spin on the traditional way of cutting hits.

President and CEO Sean Gilbert, is a former NFL player, who was selected by the Los Angeles Rams as the third overall pick of the 1992 NFL Draft. A 6’5, 318-lb. defensive end from the University of Pittsburg, Gilbert played in 11 NFL seasons from 1992 to 2003 for the Rams, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, and Oakland Raiders. He was a 1993 Pro Bowl selection for the Rams recording 10.5 sacks. After his retirement in 2003, Sean Gilbert has beaconed a way for the consumer to reflect the potential of the artist that will be featured on this label. “I GOT Records was put together so the consumer can make the choice of what they like and want to hear more of,” say’s Gilbert, “This gives the consumers a way to determine what’s a hit or not.”

This label is firm in standing behind the consumer in making that decision. Not only does it give the people an opportunity to choose, but it will also give the artist the drive they need to pursue their dreams. “In a world of negativity our goal for this label is to bring positive in a modern way.

With hard work and the determination these well established men intend for I GOT Records to have a bright future and become a high end record label with limitless boundaries. “Just like football it takes determination and drive to win the game, and to win the game you have to know who to get and how to get them, it’s never how much you know in life but more than anything how you apply what you’ve learned in life”, say’s Gilbert, “My high school coach Don Yannessa taught me three things that keep me grounded in life and they are unselfishness, loyalty, and discipline, we encourage our artist to give their very best.”

What are hits? A question for many years we’ve asked. Our answer at I GOT Records is ‘You make them’. With the different varieties of music that I GOT Records has to offer, it allows you to reflect on the genre you desire. Artist from the freshest R&B to the most inspiring gospel will be featured on the hit list.

Sean Gilbert say’s, “We are excited, here at ‘I GOT Records’ not only about making some of the freshest music out there, but giving the consumers an advantage to make history”


Our mission is to bring new and exciting music right to the consumers.  We Produce the Music and you make them Hits. For so long major labels have controlled what we listen to and what we like. At IGOTRECORDS a song becomes a hit because you believe in it. Number one in the eyes of the consumer and number one in the hearts of the people.